What to expect when moving to Clifton

Relocating to a new city is thrilling yet demanding, with numerous factors to contemplate before making your final decision. Moving to Clifton, NJ, could be your ideal choice if you’re considering a fresh start in the Garden State. Nestled comfortably in Passaic County, this diverse and vibrant city offers a blend of urban and suburban living, catering to many lifestyles and preferences. This comprehensive guide is designed to simplify your decision by focusing on what to expect when moving to Clifton. We’ll explore the city’s cost of living, job market, and recreational opportunities and offer tips on organizing your move effectively. So, whether you’re a career-driven professional, a family with young children, or a retiree seeking tranquility, our guide to moving to Clifton is your starting point for a new chapter of life. And our movers in Passaic NJ are here to help you move to Clifton without any hassle.

a couple reading about what to expect when moving to Clifton
Check Clifton’s main traits before making a decision to move.

A few words about Clifton

Situated in northeastern New Jersey, Clifton’s rich history dates back to the early 20th century. Originally a farming community, it has evolved into a city teeming with cultural diversity and economic opportunity. With an inviting mix of both residential and commercial areas, it offers an appealing blend of small-town charm and urban amenities. When considering moving to Clifton, one will join a population of 87,951 residents living in an area with a density of 7,812 people per mile. The median age is 40.7 years, and there are 32,124 households with an average size of 2.731 members. The city is also family-friendly, with 8,844 households with children. The median household income stands at a healthy $80,118, showing a robust local economy.

A feeling of community, diversity, and inclusivity marks the culture and vibe of Clifton. The city showcases a range of cultural festivals and events that reflect its diverse population. Clifton movers, NJ, can attest to the city’s welcoming environment and new residents’ warm reception upon their arrival. Therefore, moving to Clifton is an exciting step towards a promising future in a city that respects history while embracing growth and evolution.

The cost of living in Clifton

If you’re considering moving to Clifton, NJ, understanding the cost of living is a significant factor in your decision-making process. In Clifton, grocery expenses align with the state average, indexing at 105.5 compared to New Jersey’s 105.8. This suggests that everyday items are similarly priced to other areas in the state so that you can anticipate a familiar grocery budget.

  • Utility costs, which include expenses like electricity, heating, and water, are slightly higher in Clifton than the rest of the state, indexing at 115 compared to New Jersey’s 109.2. This increase may be due to Clifton’s urban-suburban mix and proximity to significant business districts.
  • Transportation costs: Clifton, the transportation index is 139.8, notably higher than New Jersey’s average of 127.7. This difference is something to factor in when budgeting for commuting or personal travel.
  • Miscellaneous expenses, which encompass everything from dining out to personal care products, index lower in Clifton at 102.2, compared to the state’s 112.5. Therefore, this advantage could balance out some of the higher costs in other areas.

Overall, the cost of living in Clifton is a mixed bag, with certain areas indexing higher and others lower than the state average. Understanding these nuances is key when considering a move to Clifton, as it allows you to plan and budget accordingly.

Moving to Clifton: Real estate

Understanding the real estate market is crucial when planning your move to Clifton, NJ. The median home value in the city is $369,800, which is considerably higher than the national median of $244,900. This difference is a testament to the desirability and quality of life in Clifton and its proximity to significant urban centers like New York City. For those interested in renting, the median rent in Clifton stands at $1,490, surpassing the national median of $1,163. While this may seem steep, the variety of available rental properties and the range of amenities in Clifton make it a worthwhile consideration. The area has a dense suburban feel, with a well-balanced blend of residential and commercial spaces. This atmosphere provides residents with the comfort of suburban living while offering easy access to various amenities.

a house in the suburbs
Clifton offers a variety of housing options.

It’s also worth noting that homeownership in Clifton slightly outweighs renting, with 57% of residents owning their homes compared to the 43% who rent. This pattern highlights the long-term investment many individuals and families make when calling Clifton home. As such, engaging with experienced local movers Totowa NJ can ease your transition, whether you’re planning to rent or buy in this attractive city.

Moving to Clifton: Recreation opportunities

Clifton, NJ, offers many activities for residents and visitors alike. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the Morris Canal Park and Nature Preserve, which offers scenic trails. History lovers can visit the Vanderhoef-Westervelt House to admire its intricate architecture and learn about Clifton’s history. Foodies will enjoy exploring the city’s culinary scene, with local hotspots like the Shannon Rose offering a taste of Irish flavors. Besides, the city’s vibrant nightlife, community events, and local shopping spots ensure there’s always something to do or see. All these attractions make moving to Clifton an exciting adventure.

a woman in a park
You can enjoy numerous places after moving to Clifton.

Moving to Clifton is easy with Ryder Relocations NJ by your side

Now that you know all about what to expect after moving to Clifton, it’s time to decide whether Clifton is for you. And if it is, don’t wait long. Contact us and move in no time. We offer numerous moving services, such as local, residential, commercial, and packing services Totowa NJ residents use the most. With our relocation services, you won’t have to worry about anything. Your valuable belongings will arrive at the final destination intact. Thus, request your moving quote now and plan your budget accordingly. We are at your disposal at any time. Enjoy the move.


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