How to spring clean your New Jersey home

Now when we are transitioning from winter to spring, it is time for spring cleaning. It is often boring and time-consuming task but at the same time, it is something we all must do. And if you are relocating home, the need for it is even higher. You must prepare for the journey but free your home of all the clutter and dirt you accumulated over the previous year. Therefore, let Ryder Relocarions NJ help you organize, and spring clean your New Jersey home like a pro. Let’s dive right in.

a woman labeling a box with fragile
Put away things you don’t need this spring.

The importance of spring cleaning your New Jersey home

Spring cleaning your New Jersey home is essential for several reasons. First, it improves the air quality in your home. After a long winter, dust and allergens accumulate. Cleaning them away ensures a healthier living space. Second, it boosts your mood. A clean and organized home reduces stress and increases your sense of well-being. Third, it enhances your home’s safety. By decluttering, you reduce the risk of accidents and make it easier to move around. Fourth, it helps you identify maintenance needs. While cleaning, you might spot areas that require repair, helping you maintain your home’s condition. Finally, spring cleaning is a chance for a fresh start. It symbolizes new beginnings and renewal, perfectly aligning with the spirit of spring. Taking the time to thoroughly clean your New Jersey home not only creates a pleasant environment but also contributes to your overall health and happiness.

When it comes to relocation, spring cleaning is of great help. It simplifies packing by letting you declutter, ensuring you only bring items you need to your new home. This process can significantly reduce moving costs and time. It’s also an opportunity to organize your belongings, making unpacking in your new place easier and more efficient. Cleaning your current home is respectful to the next occupants, leaving it in good condition. This process can also be emotionally beneficial, as it provides closure, allowing you to say goodbye to your old home and prepare mentally for the move, starting afresh in your new residence. And if you need help with spring cleaning for the move, hire our local movers in Totowa NJ, and let them organize the process.

Inspect and prepare to spring clean your New Jersey home

The first thing you must do is inspect your entire home. This way, you will know how many items you possess and what to remove. Also, you will know where you have room for new items and what must be thoroughly cleaned or refurbished. It would be smart to make a list of tasks you want to cover, along with the list of chemicals and cleaning products you must purchase. The need for this is even greater if you are preparing to move and you must clean the entire house before you leave. This is essential, especially when moving long distances and interstate.

Inspect and spring clean your New Jersey home
Inspect your home first to realize the complexity of the spring-cleaning project.

When you organize everything properly, it will be so much easier for you once the time for moving comes – both you and your long distance movers in totowa NJ will be thankful then. You will be able to prepare better, purchase enough packing materials, and have an easier and cheaper relocation overall.

Clothing always goes first

This kind of cleaning is usually done once a year. And to spring clean your New Jersey home properly, you must start with clothing. Over the year, an average American purchase around 25 pieces of clothing. When you multiply this with the number of family members, you’ll realize that you probably have between 50 and 100 new pieces. All the new clothing requires room in your armoires and drawers. So, it would be wise to go through your clothing and sort it out. Remove the pieces you are not wearing anymore and focus especially on seasonal clothing. If you have children, this process is highly beneficial. They outgrow their clothing quite fast, so you’ll have a ton ready to be sold or donated. Lastly, go through your shoes and snickers as well. It might be time to get rid of the oldest pairs you have.

Appliances and electronics are next

Now when you have sorted, cleaned, and stored your clothing, you can move onto the appliances. This part should be fairly easy because you probably do not have more than 10 electronic pieces in your home. Inspect all the appliances starting with your fridge, dishwasher, and washing machine. Simple spring cleaning will suffice but if you must tinker or repair something, this is a moment to do so. Also, do not neglect smaller appliances like toaster, waffle maker, coffeepot, blender, etc. Those require cleaning as well. Lastly, go through your TV set, stereo, PC, and all other electronic pieces you possess. Remove the dust, adjust cables, and figure out if anything can be replaced or upgraded.

kitchen with appliances and furniture
Cleaning appliances and electronics is tricky. Cover this part last and be patient about it.

If you are spring cleaning your New Jersey home and moving at the same time, you must prepare your items for moving as well. More so if you are moving your business with you and have a storage space or a garage full of work-related items. This requires proper preparation, cleaning, and packing. You can’t do it without a reliable moving company, so make sure you get one in line as soon as you decide on relocating home.

Spring clean your New Jersey home but cover the furniture as well

Your residential moving company will help you with your furniture as well. But before they wrap it and pack safely into the moving truck, you must clean it. This part is needed for spring cleaning regardless of if you are moving or not. So, go through your home and list down all the furniture pieces you possess. Some are just to be cleaned while other need refurbishing. Or you can replace some pieces completely. This is what is spring cleaning for after all. Once a year you move all things around and figure out where you can improve. While cleaning everything along the way of course. Although, if there is nothing to be improved or removed, just clean all pieces thoroughly. Keep an eye on antique pieces and leather sofas. Use proper home-friendly chemicals for the job to avoid running surfaces you are cleaning.

Dispose of dangerous items

This is the perfect moment to remove hazardous materials from your home. Usually, we have a few in our garage and you might have some as well. So, inspect the area and focus on the following items:

  • Medical waste.
  • Construction materials.
  • Flammable objects and liquids.
  • Chemicals.
hazardous materials in a garage
If you have hazardous materials and liquids, this is the time to get rid of them.

It often happens that people have an opened can of paint, bleach, and last year’s renovation leftovers. Those items shouldn’t be moved so you better dispose of them at the nearest recycling center. Or use them in a way you see fit just remember, they are bad for the environment. Do whatever you see fit, but do not leave them unattended.

How to spring clean your home office in NJ

  1. Decluttering is vital. It not only clears physical space but also aids in focusing and reducing stress. Sort through papers, recycle what’s not needed, and file important documents. Organizing your desk is equally crucial. It should hold only essentials. Desk organizers can be very helpful here.
  2. Cleaning electronic devices is often overlooked. Dust can accumulate and affect their performance. Gently clean screens and keyboards.
  3. Digital organization is as important as physical. Sort through your files, delete what’s unnecessary, and organize the rest into clearly labeled folders.
  4. Refreshing your space can have a significant impact on your mood. Simple changes like rearranging the furniture or adding a plant can make the office feel more comfortable and inviting.
  5. Checking office equipment ensures everything works smoothly, preventing future disruptions.
  6. Finally, updating calendars and task lists helps in staying on top of your responsibilities and maintaining productivity.

When it comes to spring cleaning your NJ office before the relocation, start by decluttering; dispose of unnecessary items to lighten your load. Next, organize documents and digital files, keeping only what’s essential for the new office. Clean all equipment and furniture, as this increases their lifespan and maintains a professional appearance. Donate or sell items you no longer need. Label everything clearly for easy unpacking. This process not only simplifies the move but also sets a fresh, organized start at your new location. It’s an opportunity to reassess and optimize your workspace for better efficiency and productivity in your new setting. After you spring clean your home office, hire commercial movers Totowa NJ residents trust, and move like a pro.

a man carrying a box labelled office
Store your documents and other office things that you don’t need anymore.

Declutter and downsize where it is possible

It is already mentioned that you should remove unused items from your home. This can be something you do along the way, or you can organize and declutter everything like a pro. This means you should cover each room in your home and pick the items that are broken, rarely used, hazardous, outgrown, and flat-out not needed. Pile them up and when ready, pack in boxes and donate, recycle, or give to your friends and family. You can even sell them at the garage sale if you have time and patience to do so.

Although, if you decide to keep it all, you must find a proper storage place for those items. You can rent a storage unit in Totowa or keep them in the basement, garage, or attic. And all the items you set aside can be transported by your local moving team. Whether you are taking it to a brand-new New Jersey home, a storage unit, or donating. Movers will pack everything and make sure it is transported safely. Spring clean your New Jersey home patiently and gradually. Keep the pace you are comfortable with and within a week, your home will be as good as new. Now you know how to do it right, and if you have a few family members helping out, you’ll do it even faster.

a mover packing a box
Hire our movers and spring clean your NJ home in no time

Home spring cleaning guide for seniors

For seniors, spring cleaning can be a manageable and rewarding task with the right approach. First, focus on areas that are frequently used, like the living room and kitchen, ensuring they are comfortable and safe. Prioritize decluttering to reduce the risk of falls, removing unnecessary items and keeping walkways clear. When cleaning, consider ergonomic tools that are easier to handle, such as lightweight vacuums or extendable dusters, to avoid strain. Break tasks into smaller, manageable chunks, spreading them over several days to avoid fatigue. Pay special attention to areas that might be overlooked, like under furniture or high shelves, using safe methods to reach them. For tasks that require heavy lifting or reaching high places, don’t hesitate to ask for help from family, friends, or a professional senior movers in Totowa NJ.

Hire Ryder Relocations NJ to help you move your belongings after spring cleaning

After you spring clean your New Jersey home, make your move effortless with Ryder Relocations NJ. Our expert team specializes in residential moving services, ensuring your belongings are transported safely and efficiently to your new home. We offer tailored packing services Totowa residents gladly choose, handling your items with the utmost care. Plus, if you need extra space, our secure storage solutions are perfect for keeping your possessions safe. Let us take the hassle out of your move. Contact Ryder Relocations NJ today and experience a smooth transition to your next chapter!


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