Passaic VS. Essex County: Where to live

Deciding upon Passaic VS. Essex County in New Jersey is challenging. Each has unique characteristics, shaping their appeal. However, don’t worry. We will give you an insight into vital factors like cost of living, employment opportunities, and educational facilities. We also explore lifestyle aspects, including recreational activities and community vibes. Movers Passaic County offers, bring an understanding of the area’s living experience. Safety, transportation, and healthcare facilities are also crucial in our comparison. This guide aims to provide a clear account of what each county offers. It helps you decide on your next home in New Jersey.

justice scales
Compare Passaic VS. Essex County before making a final decision.

Passaic VS. Essex County – main factors to compare

When deciding upon a place to live, it is crucial to compare certain elements, such as the cost of living, affordability, job options, education opportunities, etc. And essentially, it doesn’t matter whether the cost of living is high. If it aligns with your budget and lifestyle, a place is for you. So, before hiring and moving with local movers Totowa NJ offers, take the following into consideration:

  • History that shaped today’s Passaic and Essex County
  • Passaic Vs. Essex County: Demographics comparison
  • Cost of living
  • Cost of real estate
  • Employment options
  • Education and schools
  • Safety and crime rates
  • Healthcare

Now, let us explore these further.

History of the counties

Understanding the history of Passaic County is essential to grasp today’s life there. Created in 1837 from parts of Essex and Bergen counties, its name originates from “Pasaeck,” a Lenape word meaning “valley.” Passaic County’s significant growth phase started in the 19th century with industrial expansion. It became a center for textile and metalworking, fostering a thriving commercial center around a pier at the foot of Main Avenue. This industrial boom led to a substantial population increase, notably with many Eastern European immigrants arriving, transforming the county’s demographic and cultural landscape. Today, the remnants of this industrial past influence Passaic County’s character. The diverse population, historical sites, and industrial heritage continue to shape the county’s identity and community life.

vintage papers and photos
The histories of Passaic VS. Essex County can give you an insight into the counties’ development.

Regarding Essex County, it originally included areas that are now part of Union and Passaic Counties. it is named after Essex in England, and played a significant role in New Jersey’s early development. In the 20th century, Essex County, especially Newark, led New Jersey in rebuilding and rehabilitating its housing stock. This development transformed Newark into one of the Northeast’s fastest-growing cities, marking a significant turnaround from its challenges in the late 20th century. Today, Essex County contrasts affluent suburban neighborhoods and urban areas. The eastern region, more urbanized, contrasts with the wealthier, suburban west. This diversity is evident in areas like Newark’s Ironbound and suburbs like Belleville and Bloomfield, which retain strong Italian-American roots amidst a growing Latin American and Asian population.

Passaic Vs. Essex County: Demographics comparison

Comparing the demographics of Passaic and Essex County is crucial for understanding each area before moving. In 2023, Passaic County’s population is estimated at 530,985, showing a 5.94% growth since 2010. Spanish is spoken by 36.55% of residents, reflecting a significant Hispanic influence. On the other hand, Essex County, with a larger population of 887,656, has grown by 13.23% since 2010. The linguistic landscape is slightly less diverse, with 62.59% speaking only English and 19.77% speaking Spanish. The median ages are similar: 37.5 in Passaic and 37.8 in Essex County, indicating a relatively young population in both. Gender distribution is almost evenly split in both counties.

The cost of living comparison of Passaic and Essex Counties

Comparing the cost of living in Passaic VS. Essex County reveals essential insights for those considering a move. In Passaic County, the price of living index is 124.8, indicating expenses are 24.8% higher than the U.S. average but slightly lower than New Jersey’s average. The median home price is $447,000, and renting a two-bedroom unit costs about $1,830 per month. A family needs a minimum annual income of $85,680 to live comfortably, while a single person requires $63,200.

Essex County, on the other hand, has a higher cost of living index at 135. This means living costs are 35% above the national average. The average home price is $498,800, and the rent for a similar two-bedroom unit is $1,610 monthly. For comfortable living in Essex County, a family needs an annual income of $95,400, and a single person needs $53,600. Therefore, consider these factors, and if you decide to move, hire some of the finest movers Essex County NJ has to offer and move like a pro.

two people calculating the cost of living in Passaic VS. Essex County
The cost of living is one of the major factors that affect our decision to move.

Passaic VS. Essex County – real estate market

  • Passaic County: The average home price is around $447,000. This is 32.2% above the national average but slightly higher than New Jersey’s average. Rent for a two-bedroom unit averages $1,830 per month, above both national and state averages. The market here is more accessible compared to Essex County, offering a mix of suburban and urban living options.
  • Essex County: Here, the real estate market is pricier. The average home cost is approximately $498,800, significantly above both the national and state averages. Rent for a similar unit averages $1,610, slightly below the state average but above the national figure. Essex County’s market reflects its proximity to New York City and the high demand for housing in this region.

Job options in Essex and Passaic counties

Key industries in Passaic County include healthcare, financial services, aerospace, general medical jobs, life sciences, treatment services, fashion, and security services. St. Joseph’s Health, Valley National Bank, BP Lubricants USA Inc., and BAE Systems are notable employers. The major sectors in Passaic County include private industry, local government, non-profit organizations, sole proprietors, state government, self-employed individuals, federal government, and unpaid family work. The private sector is the largest employer​.

On the other hand, Essex County’s major private sector employers span industries such as logistics & transportation, financial services, technology, life sciences, and healthcare. Key companies include United Airlines, Prudential, ADP, NJ TRANSIT, Panasonic Corporation of North America, and RWJBarnabas Health. Therefore, if you are moving due to job options, want to move your own office, hiring commercial movers Totowa NJ companies offer is a wise idea. With them by your side, you will move in no time, safely and efficiently.

three people having a meeting
Both Counties are great for getting a job.

Passaic VS. Essex County: Education options

There are significant differences to consider when comparing education and schools in Passaic and Essex Counties in New Jersey. Passaic County is home to William Paterson University in Wayne. Also located here is Passaic County Community College, known for its diverse range of courses and community involvement.

In contrast, Essex County has a richer presence of higher education institutions. It hosts Rutgers University-Newark, part of the state’s largest university. Next, Seton Hall University in South Orange is renowned for its law and medical schools. Also notable are Essex County College in Newark and Montclair State University, just over the border in Montclair but serving a large number of Essex County students. So, if Montclair State University is your choice, don’t hesitate to hire movers Montclair NJ offers and experience a seamless student relocation. These institutions in Essex County provide extensive educational resources and opportunities, catering to a diverse student population.

Students sitting on stairs using a laptop and looking for Passaic VS. Essex County education options
Essex County offers more education options in comparison to Passaic County.

Safety and crime rates in Passaic County

Regarding safety and crime rates in Passaic VS. Essex County, New Jersey, the overall Niche grade is B minus, reflecting a balance in various aspects like public schools, housing, and diversity. Specifically for Passaic City, the crime and safety rating stands at C, according to Niche. This is based on a blend of violent and property crime rates. The county’s violent crime rate is reported at 13.9 incidents per 1,000 people, lower than the U.S. average of 22.7. Property crime occurs at a rate of 26.0 per 1,000, also below the national average of 35.4.

Safety and crime rates in Essex County

On the other hand, Essex County shows slightly different trends. The violent crime rate here is 17.3 per 1,000 people, which is still below the national average but higher than that of Passaic County. Property crime in Essex County is reported at 30.3 per 1,000 people, closely aligning with the national average. These figures suggest that while both counties have comparatively lower violent crime rates, property crime is a more significant concern, especially in Essex County. However, when it comes to relocation safety, you won’t have to worry about it at all. Whichever movers you choose, whether Totowa movers, or movers Jefferson Township NJ has, you will receive full support throughout the whole moving process and be sure that all your belongings stay intact until they reach the final destination.

Passaic VS. Essex County healthcare comparison

There are notable differences when comparing healthcare in Passaic and Essex Counties in New Jersey. Passaic County offers reliable healthcare services with facilities like St. Joseph’s University Medical Center in Paterson, known for its specialized treatments and comprehensive care. Additionally, the county has various clinics and smaller hospitals that provide essential healthcare services to the community. Essex County, on the other hand, has a more extensive healthcare infrastructure. It is home to the renowned University Hospital in Newark, a leader in patient care, research, and education. This hospital is part of the Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences system, making it a hub for advanced medical research and treatments.

Moreover, Essex County provides several other hospitals and health centers, including the East Orange General Hospital and the Clara Maass Medical Center in Belleville, offering a wide range of healthcare services to its diverse population. This extensive network makes Essex County a vital healthcare center in the region. All in all, Essex County is a great options for seniors who want to move primarily for healthcare. So, if you are a senior looking to move seamlessly, feel free to schedule our senior movers Totowa NJ seniors trust the most.

two senior ladies talking about Passaic VS, Essex County healthcare
Choose Essex County for better healthcare options.

How do you decide which county to move to?

Based on these factors, make a list of pros and cons related to your lifestyle, budget, and job preferences. As a reminder, Passaic County, with a lower cost of living and a B minus overall Niche grade, appeals for its affordability and lower property crime rate. Essex County stands out for its rich educational offerings and superior healthcare infrastructure. This makes it a preferred choice for those prioritizing top-tier education and health services. Despite a higher cost of living, it offers a dynamic blend of urban and suburban lifestyles. In the end, whichever county you choose, our residential movers Totowa NJ are at your disposal at any time.

Contact us and move without any hassle

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