Best places in Essex County to move to

Picturing a future home in the vibrant locales of Essex County has never been more thrilling. Let’s explore  Essex County, a region with opportunities, vibrant cultures, and picturesque neighborhoods that welcome newcomers with open arms. Every corner has a unique charm. Furthermore, a move to this haven is facilitated seamlessly by the best moving companies Totowa NJ has to offer, ensuring a stress-free transition into your dream home. Indeed, settling in Essex County isn’t just about finding a new house; it’s about immersing oneself in a milieu that offers an enriching lifestyle coupled with a plethora of choices for a fresh start. Now, let’s check the best places in Essex County to move to, promising a harmonious blend of comfort, convenience, and community.

a family inspecting a home with a real estate agent
There are numerous places in Essex County to explore before moving.

Meet Essex County

Essex County – a place rich in history and full of opportunities for people looking to buy a home. The county has a deep history, with many cultures and traditions coming together over the years to form a community full of heritage and unity. According to the U.S. Census Bureau,  849,477 people live here, and there are 336,552 housing units available. Located in the northeastern part of New Jersey, Essex County covers nearly 130 square miles. It’s home to over a million people, showing a growth of over 10% in population since the last census.

This area includes 22 different municipalities, each with its own unique character and style, offering potential residents a variety of lifestyle choices, whether in a quiet township or a busy downtown area. Homebuyers have a wide array of communities to choose from in this rapidly growing county. Stay tuned as we explore the top eight towns that make Essex County a desirable place to live.

a family with real estate agents checking the best places in Essex county to move to
Check real estate options before moving

Essex County real estate

Stepping into the Essex County real estate landscape, it becomes evident that the area holds promising prospects for both buyers and renters. Let’s break down the details. First off, the median home value stands at a rich $414,000, significantly above the national average of $244,900. Furthermore, potential renters can expect a median rent of $1,279, a figure slightly above the national average of $1,163.

Interestingly, the renting versus owning statistics depict a balanced picture. Currently, 55% of residents opt to rent their homes, while a substantial 45% prefer ownership, indicating a healthy real estate market with opportunities for both buying and leasing. In conclusion, Essex County offers a dynamic real estate environment catering to a diverse range of preferences and budgets. Whether looking to rent or own, one can find suitable options in this vibrant county. Stay tuned for insights on the best places to settle down in this promising region. And when you find a suitable destination, hire movers Essex County NJ offers and move like a pro.

A couple looking for the best places in Essex County
There are a lot of places to choose from.

Best places in Essex County to move to

Looking to relocate within Essex County? We’ve got you covered. Here are the top places to consider for your big move:

  1. Montclair: Known for its artistic community and beautiful homes.
  2. Bloomfield: A vibrant town with a rich historical background.
  3. Belleville: Offering a great mix of urban and suburban living.
  4. Caldwell: Home to picturesque parks and top-notch schools.
  5. Cedar Grove: A quiet suburb with a tight-knit community.
  6. Fairfield: Enjoy a tranquil lifestyle in this peaceful township.
  7. Maplewood: Enjoy the suburban lifestyle that Maplewood offers.

Each location has its own charm, promising a unique and comfortable living experience. Whichever place you choose, you won’t regret your decision if you choose it based on the factors to consider before moving.

a woman searching the net for the best places in Essex County to move to
Consider several factors before moving to any Essex County place.

Factors to consider when moving to Essex County

Here are some key factors you should consider to make an informed decision:

  • Location: Firstly, look into the different neighborhoods. Some areas are quiet, while others are bustling with activity.
  • Safety: Secondly, check the safety statistics of the areas you’re interested in. A safe environment is vital.
  • Amenities: Moreover, consider the amenities available. Parks, shops, and restaurants can enhance your living experience.
  • Transport: Also, think about the transport links. Good transport can make commuting easier and faster.
  • Schools: Lastly, if you have children, inspect the local schools. Top-rated schools can be a big plus.

In summary, paying attention to various factors such as location, safety, amenities, transport, and schools will help you pinpoint the perfect spot in Essex County for your new home. Do your research and weigh all the options to find a place that meets all your needs. And now, let’s explore the previously mentioned best places in Essex County to move to.


Montclair has a fancy name derived from French words meaning “clear mountain.” Situated just 13 miles from New York City, it’s a place where the city vibes meet suburban peace. Now, let’s talk about why it is termed one of the “coolest suburbs in America.”

Moreover, Montclair boasts excellent public schools, a huge plus for families. Additionally, the town is home to a thriving arts and music scene, a delight for culture enthusiasts. But there’s more. You will find a wide variety of dining options here, satisfying all your food cravings. Notably, Montclair is not just affordable; it presents a range of housing options to suit different budgets. Single-family homes range from $300,000 to $600,000.

On the other hand, condos are a steal, priced between $100,000 and $350,000. In conclusion, Montclair stands as an epitome of balance, offering vibrant culture, educational excellence, and affordability, all within a stone’s throw from NYC. This clearly makes it a top choice for potential homebuyers in Essex County. So, if this is your perfect match, hire movers Montclair NJ companies such as Ryder Relocations NJ offer and move without any stress.


Next on our list is Bloomfield, a promising destination for home seekers in Essex County. But before hiring movers Bloomfield NJ has, let’s see what makes it a favorable choice. Firstly, it offers safety and affordability, a prime concern for many. The townhouses have around 47,000 people, creating a close-knit community vibe. Secondly, families can find good schools here, a crucial factor for those with children. Furthermore, the local market brings a plethora of shops and restaurants to explore, adding to the daily conveniences.

Now, diving into the real estate stats, the median listing home price stands at a reasonable $314.95k, according to Realtor. Prospective buyers will find it interesting that homes stay on the market for an average of just 26 days, indicating a hot market. When it comes to space, the price per square foot is $174, giving you a fair idea of what to expect in terms of home size. Moreover, with 52 active listings, there is a decent range of options to choose from. In essence, Bloomfield presents a warm and vibrant community with affordable housing options and a good quality of life, making it a strong contender for your next home destination in Essex County.

Best places in Essex County to move to: Belleville

Next up is Belleville, a smaller yet captivating town in Essex County. Let’s uncover the details that make it an appealing choice for many.

To start, the town shelters a close community of just over 35,000 people. It notably stands out for its low crime rate, promising a safe environment for its residents. Furthermore, families will appreciate the presence of good schools in the vicinity. Importantly, for potential movers Belleville, NJ showcases affordable housing options, with the median home value at $319,900, still notably less than the national average.

Moreover, renting is also a viable option here, with the median rent priced at $1,416. The area presents an urban-suburban mix, giving residents a balanced lifestyle with convenient access to amenities. Interestingly, a slightly higher percentage of people, 56%, opt to own their homes, with 44% preferring to rent. A big perk is its strategic location, just a short train ride away from New York City, making daily commuting a breeze. In conclusion, Belleville combines safety, education, and affordability with the additional benefit of a prime location, crafting a living experience that is both comfortable and convenient.


Taking a closer look at Caldwell, we find a real estate landscape with promising features. The median home value in the area is substantial at $460,800. Prospective residents looking to rent can expect a median rent of $1,766. The locality offers an urban-suburban mix, providing a balanced lifestyle with a range of amenities nearby. This makes it a charming destination for both singles and families. Digging into the renting versus owning scenario, it is almost a fifty-fifty split, with 51% of residents renting and 49% owning their homes. This indicates a healthy market with diverse options to suit different preferences. In summary, Caldwell stands as a location offering a blend of urban and suburban experiences with a variety of housing options, paving the way for a comfortable and enjoyable living experience. Therefore, hire movers Caldwell, NJ offers and move seamlessly.

Best places in Essex County to move to: Cedar Grove

Next on our list is Cedar Grove, a picturesque small town in Essex County. Let’s break down what it has to offer. Firstly, it is home to just over 11,000 people, offering a tight-knit community vibe. Additionally, the low crime rate here ensures a safe environment for all.

Moreover, families will be pleased with the quality of schools available. Not to mention, housing is fairly priced, with the median home listing at $625k. Importantly, for individuals considering moving here, movers Cedar Grove NJ can facilitate a smooth transition to your new home. Furthermore, properties here don’t stay on the market for long, with the median number of days being 27. You’ll also find the price per square foot standing at $294, providing a gauge of the space you can own. Lastly, the rental scene is vibrant, with a median rent of $3.4k, presenting another option for prospective residents. Cedar Grove promises a serene yet vibrant living experience, a stone’s throw away from New York City, making it a top choice in Essex County.

a neighborhood
Cedar Grove is one of the bets places in Essex County to move to


Moving forward, we have Fairfield, a substantial town in Essex County with plenty to offer. Let’s delve into the details. It is home to over 58,000 people, fostering a vibrant and bustling community. Moreover, potential residents can rest easy knowing the area boasts a low crime rate, guaranteeing a safe environment to live in.

Furthermore, families will find good schools here, a crucial element when choosing a new place to reside. When it comes to housing, the median home value stands at a competitive $557,100. Plus, if you’re looking to rent, expect a median rate of $2,234. In essence, Fairfield offers a secure and lively setting with good educational institutions and reasonable housing options, solidifying its spot as a top choice for relocation in Essex County. If Fairfield is your choice, movers Fairfield NJ companies offer.

Best Essex County places to move to: Maplewood

Maplewood in Essex County is a popular choice for those considering a new place to live. The area is known for its welcoming community and scenic beauty. However, living here comes at a cost. Housing exceeds the national average by 14.8%, with a median home value of $638,000. Food and transportation costs are also above average, rising by 4.2% and 4.7%, respectively. Even healthcare sees a slight increase, at 1.3% higher than the national figures. While Maplewood offers a great living environment, potential residents should prepare for these additional expenses. However, if the higher cost of living is not a problem and you still want to move here, hire professional Maplewood movers and relocate in no time.

a mover packing a box
Moving with professionals make your relocation worry-free.

Move like a pro with Ryder relocations NJ

Ready to make Essex County your new home? Don’t wait to explore the best places in Essex County to move to that await you here. Whether you’re drawn to the quiet streets of Cedar Grove or the bustling vibe of Fairfield, there is something here for everyone. Reach out to the best moving companies Totowa NJ has to offer and make your dream move a reality today. Discover the perfect home in a place that meets all your needs. Your Essex County adventure begins now. Contact us to start your journey to a new beginning in a community that celebrates diversity and offers a rich living experience.



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