Best NJ places for young professionals

New Jersey offers a mix of urban and suburban settings, making it a versatile choice for young professionals. With a diverse economy that spans pharmaceuticals, life sciences, financial services, advanced manufacturing, information technology, and transportation and logistics sectors, the Garden State provides ample career opportunities. For young professionals, picking the right location within New Jersey can significantly impact both work and lifestyle. For example, living closer to work or public transportation can save time and stress, leaving more room for leisure and personal growth. Moreover, if you’re eyeing a move to or within the state, various services can help, like movers Passaic County offers. Knowing the best places tailored to young professionals can serve as a roadmap for a fulfilling career and a balanced life. Let us guide you through some of the best NJ places for young professionals to make that crucial decision a little easier.

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Search well before making a decision to move.

Why is NJ a good choice for young professionals

New Jersey holds several advantages that make it a smart choice for young professionals, especially when compared to its neighbor, New York City. First, its close proximity to NYC offers the benefit of a short commute without the hustle and bustle of city life, providing a more relaxed living environment. Second, New Jersey has lower income taxes than New York City, letting you keep more of your hard-earned money. Third, the cost of living in New Jersey is generally less expensive than in NYC, from housing to everyday expenses. This financial relief can make a significant difference for young professionals who are often starting their careers and may have student loans or other financial obligations.

To live comfortably in New Jersey, experts recommend a minimum annual income of $82,800 for a family and $56,400 for a single person. With its unique blend of career opportunities and more manageable living costs, New Jersey stands out as an excellent place for young professionals to grow both personally and professionally.

Best NJ places for young professionals

  1. Montclair
  2. Belleville
  3. Maplewood
  4. East Orange
  5. Bloomfield
  6. Hawthorne
  7. Bloomingdale
  8. Ringwood
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NJ has a lot of great places for young professionals.

1. Montclair

Montclair stands as a compelling option for young professionals who want a balanced mix of career growth, social engagement, and affordability. Located in Essex County, Montclair offers a versatile job market that extends beyond corporate roles. Light industries in the area focus on the manufacturing of signs, textiles, and cabinets, providing a range of career paths. If you’re considering a move, hire movers in Montclair NJ, to assist you. Outside of work, the city is rich in social and cultural activities, including art galleries, theaters, and a wide array of dining and drinking options.

When it comes to living expenses, Montclair offers a more affordable lifestyle compared to New York City. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment falls between $1,500 and $2,000, and daily expenses like groceries are reasonable. Commuting is made easy with multiple train stations, bus routes, and accessible highways, making both in-state and out-of-state work options viable. Overall, Montclair presents a well-rounded option for cultured professionals looking for a fulfilling life.

2. Belleville

Belleville, NJ, is a standout option for young professionals. Just 45 minutes by train to Penn Station in NYC and even closer to Newark, Hoboken, and Jersey City, it’s a convenient location for commuters. For those into biking, Belleville is home to the Motorcycle Mall, a top spot in the state for motorcycle shopping. The city is also investing in a sustainable future with various green projects. When it comes to work, Belleville has diverse industries. You’ll find jobs in architecture, engineering, entertainment, media, and more. Fields like business, finance, and education offer additional opportunities. For anyone considering relocating for these career options, movers in Belleville, NJ, can help you get settled. Overall, Belleville provides a strategic mix of location, lifestyle, and job markets, making it an excellent choice for young professionals.

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It is indeed hard to choose the best NJ places for young professionals

3. Maplewood is one of the best NJ places for young professionals

Maplewood is gaining popularity among young professionals, and it’s easy to see why. The population is currently just under 25,000 and has grown by over 10% since the last census. If you work in New York City, the commute from Maplewood takes less than 45 minutes. With easy access to the Garden State Parkway and Interstate 78, getting around is simple. When it comes to housing, Maplewood offers options to fit different budgets. Homes range from $350,000 to $800,000, while condos and townhomes are priced between $100,000 and $300,000. These units often have perks like fitness centers and swimming pools. The median household income in Maplewood was $156,477 two years ago, suggesting a well-off community. If you’re planning to move, movers Maplewood, NJ are available to help. All in all, Maplewood offers a strong mix of convenient location, growing community, and housing options, making it ideal for young professionals.

Best companies to work for in Maplewood, according to Zippia:

  1. South Orange-Maplewood School District
  2. Saber Interactive
  3. Worldwide Orphans
  4. Ricciardi Brothers
  5. FunGoPlay

4. East Orange

East Orange, New Jersey, is experiencing notable growth, making it an attractive location for young professionals. The city’s population stands at 68,918, with a 6.6% increase in just one year. The median age is 35.7, which shows that the city is youthful and vibrant. Economic indicators are also promising. The median household income is $54,520, with a growth of 6.92% over the past year. Homeownership is becoming increasingly accessible, with the median property value at $244,100, marking an 8.01% increase from the previous year. Educational opportunities are also available, with institutions like Best Care College and National Career Institute offering various degrees.

The job market in East Orange is diverse, employing 31.8k people in different sectors.

  • Health Care and Social Assistance employ the most people at 7,289
  • Retail Trade at 4,309, and Transportation & Warehousing at 3,480.
  • High-paying industries include Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting, and Public Administration, offering average incomes of around $76,076 and $62,119, respectively.
  • Most residents have an average commute time of 32.3 minutes, mainly driving alone to work.
  • The average car ownership stands at one car per household, which implies that commuting is manageable.
  • The 2021 poverty rate was 18%, a decrease from the previous year, which suggests improving living conditions.

Overall, East Orange is a city on the rise, making it an ideal place for young professionals to grow and prosper. So, if you’re considering a move, services from movers East Orange, NJ, can help you settle down comfortably.

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East Orange is one of the best NJ places for young professionals

5. Bloomfield

If you’re a young professional considering a move to Bloomfield, NJ, you’re in for some pleasant surprises. Here are some key highlights to know:

  1. Commuter-friendly: Bloomfield has a train station offering direct service to Penn Station in New York City. The train ride is about 30-35 minutes during rush hour, and you won’t have to switch trains. Plus, the town has convenient access to Route 3, which leads to the Lincoln Tunnel.
  2. Job opportunities: Some of the best companies to work for in Bloomfield, according to Zippia, are Market Connect Group, Bloomfield College, and Reverse Mortgage Funding. Market Connect Group specializes in staffing and recruiting for in-store merchandising.
  3. Solid income: The median household income in Bloomfield is $86,264, which is higher than the national median of $69,021.

6. Hawthorne is one of the best NJ places for young professionals

Hawthorne, New Jersey, is becoming a hot spot for young professionals, and the US Data tells a captivating story. With a growing population of 19,507 and a 3.97% increase in just one year, Hawthorne is a town on the rise. The median age is 41.6, showing a diverse age range in the community. Financial stability seems to be the norm here, as the median household income sits at a comfortable $107,416, with a 3.7% growth over the past year. Property values are also rising, reaching a median of $419,800 in 2021. The poverty rate has significantly dropped by 7.44% to 4.26%, indicating an improving quality of life.

When it comes to work and commute, Hawthorne doesn’t disappoint. The average commute time is just 25.3 minutes. The town employs around 11,000 people across various sectors. Education, Health Care, and Social Assistance lead the employment numbers, followed closely by Retail Trade. If a high-paying job is what you’re after, look into Hawthorne’s top industries: Management of Companies & Enterprises, Information, and Utilities, which offer average salaries ranging from around $93,600 to $158,971. All in all, Hawthorne combines a growing economy, reasonable commute times, and a comfortable standard of living, making it an ideal choice for young professionals. So, if you want to move here, you can count on movers Hawthorne NJ residents trust.

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Choose Hawthorne, NJ, and use its potential.

7. Bloomingdale

One of the best NJ places for young professionals is definitely Bloomingdale. It

is catching the eye of young professionals for good reasons. Though the population saw a slight decline to 7,759, the town has an impressive median household income of $116,305—a whopping 19.4% increase in just one year. Property values are also on the rise, with a median value of $326,900. The poverty rate fell significantly, down 44% to 9.01%. With a strong financial landscape, Bloomingdale makes a solid choice for young professionals looking for stability and growth.

When it comes to employment, Bloomingdale offers great job prospects across various sectors. The town’s economy employs around 4,260 people. Health Care, Construction, and Professional Services are the leading industries. If you’re aiming for a high salary, sectors like Finance and Insurance are where you’ll find six-figure averages. Jobs are growing too, with a 7.09% increase in employment over the last year. Common job roles include management, office support, and sales-related occupations. So, if you’re planning a move to secure a better job, you might want to consider hiring movers Bloomingdale NJ has to offer. With diverse job options and a strong economic backdrop, Bloomingdale sets you up for a promising future.

8. Ringwood

Ringwood, New Jersey, is an excellent choice for young professionals. The town’s economy employs around 6,400 people, providing various options to kickstart or advance your career. Key industries to consider:

  • Health Care & Social Assistance: Employing 888 people, this industry is a significant part of Ringwood’s job market.
  • Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services: With 677 people employed, this sector offers diverse opportunities for career growth.
  • Educational Services: The sector employs 642 people, making it another strong career path.
  • For those eyeing higher paychecks, Finance & Insurance, Public Administration, and Information sectors provide the most lucrative salaries, exceeding the $98,000 mark.

If you’re considering making the move for career growth, you can rely on movers Ringwood NJ has to offer. With its prosperous job market and high-paying industries, Ringwood is a smart choice for young professionals.

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It is indeed hard to choose the best NJ places for young professionals since NJ has a lot to offer.

How to decide which of these places to choose?

Choosing among New Jersey’s best places for young professionals can be daunting, each offering something unique. Here are some key differences to help you decide:

  • Montclair excels in arts and culture, along with diverse job opportunities.
  • Belleville stands out for its proximity to major cities, making commuting a breeze.
  • Maplewood features a growing community and an easy NYC commute.
  • East Orange has shown significant growth in population and income.
  • Bloomfield offers strong income potential and is great for commuters.
  • Hawthorne has a fast-growing economy and low poverty rates.
  • Bloomingdale boasts impressive financial growth.
  • Ringwood, NJ,  offers robust healthcare and professional services sectors.

Most of these places are located in Essex County, enhancing the ease of moving. You can depend on movers Essex County NJ for a smooth relocation to any of these promising destinations. Each town offers a unique mix of career opportunities and lifestyle perks. Consider what matters most to you—be it commute, culture, or financial growth—to make your decision.



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