Best neighborhoods in Cedar Grove NJ

When moving to a certain place, it is advisable to check out the best neighborhoods, even though this factor may not be the first on your list. The reasons are many. The neighborhood you choose can greatly impact your life, especially if you have children. Proximity to the important amenities in the city, community feel, safety, and environment are some of the factors that shape a neighborhood. Thus, choose wisely. And when it comes to the best neighborhoods in Cedar Grove, NJ, check out this guide. After selecting a suitable one, you can rely on Ryder Relocations NJ to help you manage your move. With our moving services and movers Cedar Grove residents love, your upcoming move will be fast, thoroughly planned, efficient, and, most importantly, safe.

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Cedar Grove, NJ, offers community feel and family vibe.

Meet Cedar Grove

Cedar Grove, located in Essex County, New Jersey, presents a blend of suburban charm and convenient amenities. The cost of living in Cedar Grove is higher than the U.S. average, with a BestPlaces Cost of Living index of 135, indicating expenses are 35% above the national average. However, it’s 12.7% lower than the New Jersey average. Its proximity to New York City, along with parks, eateries, and entertainment venues, adds to its appeal. Safety is a significant aspect of Cedar Grove’s appeal. The town is in the 63rd percentile for safety nationally, with a lower crime rate than 70% of U.S. communities. Violent crimes in Cedar Grove are particularly low, making it safer than most similarly sized American cities. The chance of becoming a victim of violent crime here is one in 3358, well below the national average.

As for attractions, Cedar Grove features several points of interest. Cedar Grove Park is a prime example, described as a first-class facility with a children’s playground and community center​. Additionally, the Fred Astaire Dance Studios in nearby Upper Montclair offer lessons and workshops, contributing to the area’s cultural activities. ​These features, along with its safety and proximity to larger urban centers, make Cedar Grove desirable for residents. So, if this place is appealing enough for you to relocate here, don’t hesitate to hire our movers Cedar Grove NJ residents love.

These are the best neighborhoods in Cedar Grove, NJ

When it comes to the best areas in Cedar Grove, NJ, to live in, check the following three:

  1. North End: Known for its mix of homes and some businesses, with notable areas like Park Ridge Estates featuring million-dollar homes.
  2. Central Cedar Grove: The town’s center, housing the business district, and includes areas like the former Essex County Hospital Center and the Cedar Grove Reservoir.
  3. South End: The most urbanized part, with homes closer together, extending to the Verona border, and also featuring sections of million-dollar homes. Furthermore, South End boasts sections of upscale homes, reflecting the area’s diversity and appeal. Its unique mix of urban amenities and suburban peace makes South End Cedar Grove a desirable place to live, offering an ideal setting for a comfortable and vibrant lifestyle.

Whichever area you choose, you won’t regret your decision. Thus, hire movers Essex County NJ residents trust the most and move to Cedar Grove with ease.

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North End Cedar Grove is one f the Best neighborhoods in Cedar Grove NJ

North End

The North End of Cedar Grove, NJ, is celebrated as one of the best neighborhoods in the town for several reasons. It’s a serene residential area that starts after the corner of Fairview Avenue and Pompton Avenue, featuring a mix of homes and some businesses. The neighborhood is especially known for Park Ridge Estates, which is home to million-dollar properties, exemplifying the area’s upscale nature. For recreation, residents have access to Cedar Grove Park, a top-notch facility with a children’s playground and a community center​

In terms of education, the North End Elementary School, serving students in grades prekindergarten to 4, is a community cornerstone. The school’s math proficiency rates (35-39%) surpass the New Jersey state average of 26%, and reading/language arts proficiency is roughly on par with the state average (45-49%). The student-to-teacher ratio at North End Elementary School is 9:1, which is more favorable than the New Jersey state average of 11:1, providing a more personalized educational experience.

Best neighborhoods in Cedar Grove, NJ: Central Cedar Grove

Central Cedar Grove in New Jersey is a vibrant and appealing neighborhood renowned for its central location and bustling business district. Extending from the corner of Fairview Avenue and Pompton Avenue to Bradford Avenue, this area encapsulates the essence of Cedar Grove’s community spirit. The neighborhood’s appeal is further enhanced by its educational facilities, including Cedar Grove High School and Memorial Middle School, known for their commitment to collaborative and adaptive 21st-century learning​

A brief moving guide moving to the best neighborhoods in Cedar Grove

When it comes to relocation itself, preparation is the core. You should plan your move based on the type, complexity, and distance. After checking the lifestyle, affordability, and other factors concerning the best neighborhoods in Cedar Grove, NJ, you can proceed with your moving plan. And to make this plan successful, the best way is to use packing services Totowa NJ residents choose when hiring Ryder Relocations NJ.

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Have a happy relocation with our Cedar Grove movers.

Ryder relocations NJ is your moving ally

Now that you’ve chosen one of the best neighborhoods in Cedar Grove NJ, feel free to contact us to take care of your moving tasks. With our moving services and moving supplies Totowa NJ residents use, your relocation will be covered from start to finish. Thus, contact us today, get your moving quote, and move like a pro.


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